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With over 1.6 billion users Facebook is the most powerful marketing and sales tool ever. Building up 'likes' and 'engagement' is good, converting them into sales is better. We can help you do that.

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What makes Appsana different from most all social media and content marketing agencies is that we specialise and focus on the bottom line: converting social media activity into sales. More likes and higher engagement levels are good though customers tell us sales are better.

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Converting Likes Into Sales

The traditional sales funnel theory still holds, what's different is how consumers behave on social media. Get it right and the results can be sensational. We can help you do that.


The Power of Social Media and the Importance of Mobile

Social Media is the most powerful marketing and sales tool ever. It offers businesses the potential to reach, impact, engage and ultimately to sell products and services on a scale not possible with traditional and digital media and at a fraction of the cost.

Harnessing the huge potential and power of Social Media is inextricably linked to having a content marketing stratergy focused on mobile, and here's why.

Consumers are now spending more on-line time on Mobiles. (Google)

Most of the time spent on mobiles, across all age and demographic groups, is on Social Media. (ComScore)

Social Media has overtaken SEO and Search as the number one driver of website trafic. (Forbes)

In Summary. Your customers are on mobiles, their time is spent on social media, that's where you need to be selling to them

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